The purpose of this project is to create a working virtual organ patterned in the style of the WurliTzer 216 pipe organ installed in the California Theatre located in San Bernardino, California. It is the last remaining 216 in the world still installed in its original location.
Software designed for MidiTzer and j-Organ is the engine that drives the computerized soundfonts emulating true theatre pipe organ sounds to be performed on this portable instrument on tour to schools, garden weddings, luncheons, malls, worship events and shopping centers (and wherever lounge lizards gather) to promote Theatre Organ awareness.
The instrument itself is housed in the frame of a gutted Conn 650 organ console.
      MAJOR CHALLENGE: Lid Shape
First, the size and shape of the horseshoes do not conform without modification.
The size of the horseshoe "scoop" is different ... the shape of the "silhouette" is different.
Since the smooth shape of the Conn horseshoe does not conform to scalloped edges of the WurliTzer horseshoe, templates have been constructed from the lids of both consoles to compare and carve a new lid for the Conn.

Although the WurliTzer is considerably larger, its console horseshoe diameter is smaller.

Bob Loesch shows Conn lid fits between console side panels