Comparing WurliTzer and Conn horseshoe ends
to fit a matching corbel template for the Conn

The console looked so lonely, I hurriedly stuck in a couple of keyboards and a straight back rail for this photo op.

Notice tongue-depressor placeholders in additional tab spaces on left half of horseshoe compared to original stop rail in photo above.

MIDI keyboards, removed from cases, will nestle closer together. The sufficient length of the cables allows the various knobs to be re-mounted to the sides of the keyboards in their eventual placement.

Although there is a slider control as well as pitch and modulation knobs, the only one needed for theatre organ technique is the readout with its select button below it to momentarily disengage the musical keyboard to use the keys to establish such MIDI parameters as output channel, etc.

Piston buttons will be added when the MIDI manuals are finally inserted into the console.
As time allows, newer MIDI keyboards with second touch will replace these keyboards.