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Cyrus Roton has reproduced the definitive Mc Mains organ course, complete with CD and music scores.
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<= MUSIC ARRANGEMENTS! Bob Walters arrangements for White House Military Band, patriotic and seasonal music for orchestra, band, solos, 6-8 player instrumental ensembles of strings, woodwinds, brass or mixed, vocal and male chorus, solos with instrumental accompaniment. Used at dinners of state, Lincoln Memorial, churches and schools. Keyboard teaching books to study hand movements, free downloads of printed and recorded music.

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Print it, slice a suitable cutout in the center, and mount it as a frame to surround your computer or video monitor.
Perfect to surround silent films playing from virtual theater screen, or to frame virtual organ computer screen.
[8x10" PDF file] 270 KB  ~  [8x10" TIF file] 24bit / 300dpi / 21,113 KB suitable to size, stretch or squeeze to fit

<=  Your computer becomes a DIGITAL RECORDER when you install this free download - simply plug your microphone or headphone jack or mixer aux line level OUTput jack into the mic or aux line level INput socket into your computer soundcard. It's a virtual tape deck: click the simple screen RECORD or PLAY buttons.  Save it as a sound file your computer can record on your CD burner. Digitize your old LPs or cassettes, live concerts, sermons, garage band or live midnight organ concerts.

<=  Turn your computer into a REAL TIME ANALYZER with a free download audio analyzer for testing and evaluating audio systems using just a PC with basic sound capability. TrueRTA instruments include: Low distortion signal generator / Digital level meter / Crest factor meter / Dual trace oscilloscope /High-resolution real time audio spectrum analyzer.
   These software test instruments employ the signal input and output capability of your PC sound card to offer a level of performance that could only be replaced by many thousands of dollars worth of traditional test instruments. TrueRTA™ turns your PC into a powerful audio spectrum analyzer normally seen only in better audio research and design laboratories.

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Sub Bass Manufacturer Comparison chart from
LiveSound Magazine

<=  Compare specifications for sub bass loudspeakers from 10" to 21"
in cabinets as large as 47 inches wide, weighing from 41 to 140 pounds, with from 1 to 6 components  that sing from as low as 25 Hz  +/- 3 dB.
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