24 projectors: 35mm slides, video, 16mm Motion Pictures
plus spotlights and electronic mechanisms
Powered by Clear Light computer dissolve Control

Although Kodak Carousels are manufactured
no longer, and slide production is practically
unavailable today, "retro tech" provides great
appeal to our audiences in our Christmas Carol
Sing-Alongs and Patriotic Sing-Alongs.

We are storyboarding new productions of the
history of the pipe organ and the science of the
physics of sound and music.

Good organ photography is difficult to acquire
because film was not yet invented when the
Pipes of Pan, Ugab, Magrepha and Hydraulus
played to please people of past civilizations.

Later years were not easy to capture on film ...

The King of Instruments played to flickering
images in dark cinema halls not friendly to
flashing cameras.

Church organs were not friendly to cameras
cavorting around the church, interrupting
worship to photograph organs and "invisible"
Organists who were to be heard and not seen.

We make progress, but searching continues.

You can help us assemble new projectors and
equipment, most of all good screen graphics.

We're on the lookout for historical graphics,
photo and artwork suitable to document the
King of Instruments as we create new slides
as well as gathering existing slides and movies.

Original copy suitable for copy documentation,
photography, 35mm slides and 16mm motion
picture film is sought.